Boris Brejcha

(Fckng Serious Labelnight)

Beginn: 23:00 Uhr We are Fckng Serious - Labelnight at Loft

Boris Brejcha (Fckng Serious)
Ann Clue (Fckng Serious)
Deniz Bul (Fckng Serious)

LAUTLEISE / All night long

Fckng Serious was established in 2015.
Founded and owned by Boris Brejcha.

The label and booking agency has its focus in the field of techno and minimal. But these are only the basic directions. Digressions into other genres such as the "High-Tech Minimal" show, how diverse our artists are and always try to rediscover.

We are Fcking Serious tonight. Serious about party. Serious about techno.

Saturday 19_11_2016 / Loft_Club - Doors 2300H