Time Warp Pre-Party

Chris Liebing | Function

Beginn: 23:00 Uhr For our Time Warp 25th edition pre-party at Loft, we are excited to announce two of techno’s true underground heroes who have both shaped the genre as it is today:

Chris Liebing and Function!

Chris Liebing is a name which is synonymous with hard-hitting, rough techno, whose continuously evolving sound has made him one of Germany’s leading authorities in the genre. His recent music has had a focus on the key concept of the presence - the idea that everything is happening here and now, and all else is mere memory. This makes him the perfect warm up act to reminisce on the past 24 years of Time Warp, and also to focus on the present - the 25th anniversary of Time Warp!

Function is an equally influential and highly talented DJ who has inspired an entire generation of techno musicians with his Sandwell District collective. An artist of Ostgut records and owner of the Infrastructure music label in New York, he is the perfect act to prepare you for what awaits you on the following day.

We are also catering to all House music lovers with our special guest Terry Lee Brown Jr! One of the most respected artists of the scene and developer of the Tech-House genre, his uncompromising sets are the perfect beginning for the Time Warp weekend.

Support by David Jackson and Galahad.

FR 05 APRIL / Loft Club Ludwigshafen
Lagerplatzweg 3